Climate Change


CSN conducts an annual greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory following Greenhouse Gas – GHG Protocol guidelines to support the development of a carbon management, risk mitigation and climate change adaptation strategy. The preparation of the GHG emissions inventory has as main objectives:


  • Development of strategic climate change management at CSN;
  • Participation in GHG emission registration programs, compliance with national and state legislation;
  • Disclosure of accountability and transparency issues to shareholders and strategic stakeholders;
  • The management and control of risks and opportunities related to emissions;
  • Identifying cost savings from GHG reduction initiatives;


Data collection and individual analysis of each unit allows the definition of performance indicators, which are directly related to operating costs, since emissions are linked to production efficiency.

By acting in an integrated manner, CSN maintains significant productive efficiency gains that result in lower carbon emissions, including:

  • The interconnection between mining-port-industry via rail network, minimizing emissions from road logistics;
  • Cement manufacturing using blast furnace slag, co-product of the steelmaking process itself, reducing the use of clinker and, consequently, GHG emissions;
  • Diversified energy matrix considering the participation in two hydroelectric plants;
  • Reuse of steel gases for cogeneration of electricity through the Thermoelectric Power Station and Top Turbine (TRT), at Presidente Vargas Plant, located in Volta Redonda (RJ);
  • The methodology used to prepare the emissions inventory follows the main regulatory standards of the subject, having as reference:
  • Brazilian Regulatory Standard- NBR ISO 14064.1;
  • GHG Protocol Corporate Standard (Revised Edition);
  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC);
  • Regulatory Requirements – Relevant applicable laws.


The Greenhouse Gas Inventory (GHG) inventory preparation process involves a multidisciplinary team and the participation of more than 80 people from the 15 units in which emissions are calculated.

The publication of the emissions inventory aims to demonstrate the Company’s transparency regarding the challenges that global climate change demands. For the fifth consecutive year, CSN has been awarded the GHG Protocol Gold seal for reporting emissions from all its units and these have been subject to external verification by third party bodies.


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In response to investor requests, the Company has been reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) annually since 2010 on guidelines on climate change, supply chains and water resources.


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