The Company’s social and environmental guidelines also include the monitoring of dams, used to contain the tailings from the iron ore beneficiation process.

CSN maintains the Dam Safety Plan (PSB) and the Mining Dams Emergency Action Plan (PAEBM), which comply with Decree 70.389/2017 of the National Department of Mineral Production (DNPM), now the National Mining Agency (ANM). The documents inform the procedures for an emergency as well as training with the local population. There are also updates of dam containment studies that assess the potential impacts of a dam rupture based on mathematical modeling.

Following current legislation, all CSN dams are audited by independent and specialized companie, aiming to evaluate their stability condition and identify actions that guarantee the safety of the structures.


Dam construction types


Example: The Stone House Dam follows the Downstream method

Surrounding Communities

Monitoring actions of all dams are carried out periodically and are supported by specific instruments, daily visual inspection during the week, as well as hydraulic control and external audits for reporting of each dam controlled by the Company. In addition to visual inspections, CSN has an automatic system with instant monitoring.

Currently, CSN maintains a general inspection program every 15 days of the dams using its own specialized team. According to the survey results, the structure maintenance services are scheduled.

The simulated process at Casa de Pedra Dam is educational and aims to prepare the surrounding community to adopt appropriate behavior in an emergency situation involving the dam. Achieving this requires some training phases: awareness raising, knowledge of the procedure (emergency care plan) and simulations to practice learning. These simulations are initially applied at a lower level of complexity and increasing as the community responds during the exercises. The variables involving the process are simulated as close as possible to reality. It is a systemic, evolutionary and permanent process.

Magnetic Separation Plant

CSN Mineração invested R$54 million in installation works of the High Intensity Magnetic Concentration plant of the B4 and B5 dams at the Casa de Pedra unit. The plant will provide the reduction of environmental impacts, thanks to the lower generation of tailings. In addition, it will contribute to the growth of Casa de Pedra’s production through the generation of high grade iron ore.

With a production capacity of 1.1 million tons per year of pellet feed (pelletizing fines), the new beneficiation plant has four high intensity magnetic separators and processes both the iron ore tailings deposited at B4 and Casa de Pedra as the tailings of the central plant.

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Program of visits for different audiences

  • Community Visit: CSN Mineração welcomes the residents of Congonhas, especially from neighborhoods located near the Casa de Pedra Dam, as well as journalists and representatives of local press vehicles. This is a time to answer all questions related to dam safety and stability, as well as to understand how monitoring and inspection processes are done.
  • Specific visits with the population of the city of Congonhas/MG to talk about the safety of the Casa de Pedra Dam: a CSN Mineração held meetings with the residents of the Cristo Rei and Residencial Gualter Monteiro neighborhoods, in Congonhas, to share all information about the Casa de Pedra Dam. More than that, CSN Mineração has been promoting visits by residents to the dam itself. They can walk around the structure, attend lectures on the dam and visit the centennial mine. In addition, CSN has installed warning sirens in neighborhoods, set up meeting points and escape routes. The company also conducted two emergency drills with residents. The Company has also distributed an information booklet to the population so that, knowing better the dam’s structure and safety, it can feel more relaxed. All this same information was taken to local authorities.
  • CSN Community Committee: composed of organs, institutions and representatives of Congonhas entities to maintain an effective channel of dialogue between the company and the city community. The main purpose of the initiative is to put the people of the state of Minas Gerais within the actions, investments and future projects of the Company, always prioritizing transparency. The periodic meetings take place at the company and seek to address the demands of communities and other audiences.
  • Community Space: structured house in one of the dam-influenced neighborhoods to facilitate people’s access to information about the company, dams, job vacancies, etc.


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