Ethics and Transparency


Concerned with ensuring ethics in political, social and commercial relations, CSN established the Compliance area in 2016, through which it implemented the Corporate Compliance Program, in order to ensure that its practices are in accordance with the anti-corruption laws of the Company. Brazil and abroad, in the countries where the Company operates. The area is responsible for, among other tasks, mapping the risks inherent in the activities, conducting training on the Code of Ethics and ensuring compliance with internal and external laws and regulations. The document also mentions human rights issues.

Since then, face-to-face and virtual training has been conducted focusing on the Code of Ethics and the Company’s General Standard on Fraud Detection, Prevention and Combating, the contents of which have been revised to become more modern and accessible. The documents are available to all employees and third parties, who have also been trained in Compliance, both in person and virtually.

The Report Channel was reformulated after hiring an outside consultancy. The company has a team of psychologists who support the answering of the calls, receives and records the information for the investigation by CSN and any disciplinary measures. Whistleblowers have the confidentiality of information guaranteed and may also opt for anonymity.

The area has communication channels for reports of misconduct or suspicion. Reporting by employees, intermediaries, suppliers, service providers and external audiences occurs anonymously or in an identifiable manner, maintaining confidentiality, confidentiality and ensuring non-retaliation.


We may be contacted by:

Phone: 0800-884-2006
External email:
A/C Risk and Compliance Officer
Av. Brig. Faria Lima, 3400 – 20º. Andar
Itaim Bibi – São Paulo – SP – CEP 04538-132

Employees outside Brazil may contact you by mail or email.

We also have a channel for questions and additional information regarding compliance:

Phone: +55 11 3049-7206


CSN’s people management model assumes that employees are the competitive differential and guarantee that the Company stands out in the markets in which it operates. The actions are structured in five pillars, which together result in the engagement and retention of talent:

  • Attract: We want people of different levels and profiles to identify with our culture and values ​​and contribute to the Company’s growth. We seek talents that balance competencies x deliveries x attitudes and present potential for the future, aiming at high organizational performance and business perpetuity.
  • Align: Through corporate actions and programs, we engage our employees in the company’s culture, essence, mission, vision, values, code of ethics and strategic drivers to motivate and commit them to institutional guidelines, strengthening the CSN brand and the pride of belonging.
  • Evaluate: We monitor the performance (performance x competence) of our team, stimulating the self-knowledge and development of people and teams. This support supports management practices and strengthens the culture of meritocracy, as well as an environment of continuous development, high performance and transparency.
  • Develop: We believe in the personal evolution of each employee who builds CSN’s history. The development of our team is one of our priorities, aiming at a high performance culture and ensuring internal succession.
  • Reward: We recognize and reward our outstanding performers, providing opportunities for these people to grow in direct proportion to their results.


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Fundada em 1960, a Caixa Beneficente dos Empregados da Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (CBS) é uma Entidade Fechada de Previdência Complementar (EFPC). O principal objetivo é administrar planos de previdência complementar para assegurar o bem-estar de seus participantes e de suas famílias.

A CBS segue o modelo de gestão baseado em risco, que estabelece critérios para monitoramento dos riscos de mercado, de crédito e de liquidez. A eficiência na gestão do fundo permite honrar os compromissos com os 34.472 participantes – 20.885 ativos, 8.792 aposentados e 4.795 pensionistas, em 2017.

Com o intuito de aprimorar o modelo de atuação e de valorizar ainda mais o patrimônio gerido, em 2017, foram realizados investimentos em iniciativas para alcançar os objetivos definidos no Planejamento Estratégico, que abrange o período de 2017 a 2020. A CBS também investiu no aprimoramento das suas práticas de governança e no fortalecimento dos seus padrões de segurança para proteger os negócios e preservar a liquidez, a solvência e o equilíbrio dos planos administrados.


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Occupational Health and Safety

CSN has always maintained practices and trained its employees aiming at safety during the production processes. In 2016, the Company established a Corporate Safety Management and launched the Corporate Health and Safety Policy, a preventive action valid for all CSN’s business segments and for all employees (own and third parties). At the launch, the Occupational Health and Safety Management Manual was released, which contains guidelines to guide the actions of all employees and contractors regarding proactive behavior, compliance with legislation, mitigation and control of hazards, risks and risks. the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses.

Through its Health and Safety Management Manual, the Company is able to relate the dealings and Work Plans with unique guidelines for all units of the group, considering the particularities and local culture. This Manual has guidelines for good practice through ten elements to address responsibilities and define the needs of specific prevention tools:

  • Commitment and Leadership;
  • Communication;
  • Standards and Procedures;
  • Behavioral Dialogue;
  • Risk management;
  • Management of changes;
  • Legal requirements;
  • Planning;
  • Service Provider Management;
  • Competency Management


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